[WINDOWS STORE] DirecTV SnapRemote Control

DIRECTV DVR’s SnapRemote control over the network Release 1. Let the user control the DIRECTV DRV’s series HR (21, 22, 23, 24, 34, 44 and newer) over Wi-Fi.

Suggestions and troubleshooting at http://directvremote.wordpress.com/ and or http://dtvrc.com Developer mail: directvrc@outlook.com I’m telling this with ☮ & ♥. ☮, &, ♥.


The DirecTV® SnapRemote control will not collect any user Personally Identifiable Information anytime with anyone. It does not use any cookies. It does not contact any internet site/server.
It’s a remote control and it should act like one.
No ads, no suspicious accounts, no popups, no user tracking or anything else.