CNC 02 cut test

CNC machine: E3 CNC Router Kit ( BobsCNC )
Pretty straightforward use of a CNC.
Any 2D vector program to draw the path.
Inkscape’s extension GCodeTool to generate the GCode.
Optionally simulate how the code perform with CAMotics.
Send the GCode to the CNC with UGS ( Universal Gcode Sender )

CH-AW 0.4

QRCode sneaked in.
Was easier than expected.
Based on ZXing implementation.

Now focus on the status bar temperature. I forgot how underutilized/underestimated/badly supported are those space up there and the whole android notification ecosystem.

Notifications should be a huge part of an OS workflow and user experience but nobody seem to really realize how powerful they could be.

Time to re-utilize some of the tricks I used with this notification volume control.